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KhelteRaho.com is a complete Sporting Network. It will be a one touch solution mobile application for organizing local sports matches or tournament ..


We have organized our first tournament JPL(Jharkhand Rai University Premier League) Interdepartmental tournament, In which twelve team have participated and these team divided into 4 groups each group has three team. The special guest was SP of Jharkhand Jaguar ( Mr.Anjani Jha) The final clash was between Mechanical Booster and B.sc Agriculture in which Mechanical Booster won the final match .

Our Mission

Our goal is to build a platform for every sports enthusiastic of this country to provide the Data Assurance, Predictability Assurance and Sporting Network. We are aimed to build a structural system to make Sporting platform organized, cost-effective and easy. We are a complete service based STARTUP.

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Our Services

Online Scoring

We have a unique and smart scoring system.Oniline scoring a core feature of our sports tournaments in which we update the live status of the matches.

Statistics Management

khelteraho is an online system to manage cricket results and stats for local cricket tournament of colleges,schools,clubs. Featuring more than 10 statistics reports.it features a built-in scoring module that allows scorer to update the scorecard.

Sports Profile

We provide different way of managing the data of players through which users come to know about the players and teams.Every players get unique identification.

Shopping Center

The wabsite gives our customers the ability to research and purchase sports gear from anywhere in Ranchi,With the confidence that all purchases are made in a fully secure and risk free environment.

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1 Years of Experience

The characters displayed by our team is so much disciplined and well maintained.Our team is working simultaneously to improve the sports environment.we are working together to find and solve the problem faced by our customer in any sports.our main moto is to improve the skills of the player.our team is working to find the talents from small areas and giving them a good environment. .

Our scope

Sports are an important part of human life. As we all know that mobile (android smart phone) becomes an important part of our life. Our main scope is to increase the awareness around people in sports through our websites, so the people can attract in sports activities and improve their skills, physical fitness and mentally strong. To learn sportsmen spirit. Since we know that Cricket is most popular sports in India so we want to enhance all the sports through this site. We also know that sports are mostly played in town areas so we want to attract people from Rural and Urban areas. Due to lack of facilities, infrastructure and sports awareness they are not able to play good sports so we want to enhance sports in these areas. .








Table Tennis

Inter School Cricket T ournament in November

In the inter school cricket tournament, .

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